Welcome to Curemonte Legal

Curemonte Legal, founded in 2012 by Paul Elion LLM, JD, is the premier Legal and Compliance partner for managing directors, executive boards and shareholders of medium-sized and large corporations. Most likely you are working with outside counsel already, or your company has an in-house legal team in place. However, what you really need at this very moment is an independent general counsel or director legal & compliance, who is acting as your business counselor and sparring partner regarding the legal challenges that your company is currently facing. An experienced legal counsel who is available on a project or interim basis to help you stabilize your business , fix the problems and get your business back on track. A lawyer who can temporarily replace your in-house Head of Legal or assist him with controlling the legal budget and improving the overall quality and productivity of your in-house legal and compliance teams.

We are also available to act as independent general counsel or member of the board of directors or senior management team of your company, responsible for the Legal and Compliance function in your business. Likewise, we can work with the CEO or CFO of your business to ensure that the compliance culture is brought up to standards and remains that way going forward.

Furthermore, Curemonte Legal will do the legal trouble- shooting at your business or help you thoroughly clean-up and rebuild your company’s internal organization, processes and controls, e.g. following a major fraud or compliance investigation involving your business and / or its (former) employees or directors. Rebuilding stakeholder trust and confidence and cleaning-up your business is in situations like this of the utmost importance. And Curemonte Legal is there to help you.

Curemonte Legal also advises and assists the management and executive boards with developing and implementing a new corporate governance structure, preparing the neces- sary (management) framework, and /or with the internal restructuring of your business or group of companies.

Finally, we help you grow your business organically or through acquisitions, in a profitable and compliant way. We assist overseas companies expanding into Europe. And we support companies on business critical missions.

If this is what you’re looking for, then Curemonte Legal is there to help you!

For further information, please contact us at: info@curemontelegal.com or call +31 6 222 31 890